Data Centre Solutions

With 14 years of experience, AKAL is able to offer holistic solutions to Data Centre users, owners and investors as the market continues to evolve and present new challenges.

data-centersOur ability to consult across the key Data Centre disciplines of IT and Facilities Management (FM) means that we offer a one-stop service covering all elements of a Data Centre project’s life cycle from strategy, through to design, migration planning, execution and on-going support.

Our services include:

  • Server Virtualization
    The benefits of software-enabled virtualization include:

    • Increased Server Utilization – Apply resources only where needed, based on application demand.
    • Fewer Servers – Consolidate and reduce the number of physical servers that need administration and maintenance.
    • Greater Availability – Migrate applications from one server to another without taking down applications.
    • Added System Flexibility – Select the right operating system for your applications.
    • Standardization – Use a uniform platform to configure applications once and roll out multiple times.
    • Simplified Deployment – Test new applications and software upgrades centrally, then quickly deploy them without configuring new servers.
  • Server Consolidation
    Our approach to implementation, installation and integration is comprehensive. We work with multiple providers to deliver a Server Consolidation solution that fits seamlessly into your IT environment
  • Storage & Backups
    AKAL’s highly-certified specialists can assist you with a wide array of storage options including hardware & the software. The integration of backup, archiving, disaster recovery and replication software is key to the development of a great data storage strategy.
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