Unified Communications

AKAL can help to integrate a matrix of different communication types, providing a seamless communication system across multiple networks, applications and devices.

UCA converged network consolidates multiple networks – typically built and managed separately – into one single network. The most common networks to consolidate are legacy voice, video and data networks.

Telephony and Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) provides multiple services – telecommunications, voicemail, handsets, carrier services, etc. – over your IP network.

Advanced Applications

Advanced applications refer to the use of specific capabilities and products that impact or enable business processes. These applications enhance the value of a converged network and drive improved customer service as well as employee productivity.

Unified Communications offers many features and benefits:

  • Integrated — The capabilities of formerly disparate applications are brought together into unified interfaces. The functionality is integrated. For instance, you can click to call the sender of an email, move from an instant message to a call or a conference call, or reply to a voice message with voice or text. The modalities will be brought together so users can seamlessly shift between their mobile phones and their desk phones in any order while a call is in progress and access the same directories and applications — regardless of their locations or devices.
  • Multi-vendor — We offer customers robust interfaces to our market leading communication servers in IP Telephony, Messaging, and Conferencing.
  • Reliable and Secure — Banking on the use of these capabilities across the enterprise requires reliability that ensures they´ll be working when required.
  • Seamless user experience
  • Independent of location, network, or device
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