Work Flow Management

AKAL’s Workflow is a flexible framework for optimizing and automating business processes enterprise-wide.

workflowEvery day, your staff search for the information they need to collaborate more effectively. The manual processes of searching, faxing, photocopying and distributing documents are costly and time-consuming—and they keep your staff from making productive use of the information they’ve found.

With Workflow, documents are automatically moved, copied or deleted based on predetermined rules you design, while automatic notifications ensure prompt action and simplify supervision. Combine the extensive security features of Workflow with the comprehensive security reporting and you have the information you need to accurately assess your business processes to identify bottlenecks, maintain performance comparisons and track document-related activity to improve quality, accountability and productivity.

With Workflow, you:

  • Design simple or complex workflow routing rules on a graphical canvas, choosing from a broad palette of workflow actions.
  • Maintain integrity of routed documents, given that they never leave the repository.
  • Assign field values or annotations and change security access to repository documents from a workflow.
  • Specify search criteria for locating a repository document that should be processed by a workflow.
  • Specify routing to groups, task and notification escalation, serial or parallel routing, and conditional loops.
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