AKAL Celebrates Annual Meet 2022

We, at AKAL, are delighted to announce that our Annual Meet 2022 was a huge success on the 27th of May 2022. Hosted by Miss Bakshin Kaur, the event focused on acknowledging all the employees’ contributions to the company’s success, sharing the year-end report and how we will grow exponentially in the next 5 years.

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It was a rare and special day for us all as we got to gather under one roof without any division, be it department or team, donning our matching black t-shirts with the Contract Jobs logo, and white t-shirts with Akal Japanese Academy logo printed on the front.

And add the educational and motivational speeches from the pillars of the AKAL family, Mr Sarabjit Singh (Managing Director), Mr KS Johar (COO) and Mr Brijesh Janveza (Assistant Vice President), made the night even more memorable.

On the subject of Akal’s Growth Road Map, Mr Brijesh Janveza (Assistant Vice President) said, “This was a good year for AKAL. We are on a path to becoming the first online staffing platform with contract-jobs.com. We also saw a 60% growth, and at the rate we are going, we can expect to see a 100% growth in the coming year. Every one of you sitting here today has played your part in our growing success, and for that, I thank you and know that you are a valued member of the AKAL family.”

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Mr KS Johar (COO) spoke about how instrumental Akal Japanese Academy has been in introducing Japan’s rich cultural heritage to people through Japanese language courses and gave us insights into the Japanese outlook of working by introducing the 3Ks –

  • Kimerareta Koto ga – What has been decided
  • Kihon Dori – Exactly as per the standard
  • Kichin to Mamoru – Must be followed

The closing speech was given by Akal’s Managing Director Mr Sarabjit Singh. “As you all know, Akal means Eternal and our mission has always been to serve the greater good. With over 450 million unorganised workers in India, we will continue to stay true to our purpose to bring about a social change by delivering employability to people living in the remotest corners of the country,” he said.

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The standing ovation that followed his words of gratitude and encouragement was well-deserved.

The warm ambience of the Essex Farm’s conference hall and the booming cheers given to the employees as they went on stage to collect their awards made the occasion even more exciting.

Nominee Award Name Awarded For
Harshika Juneja Fuji Star Best Performer In Akal Japanese Academy
H. Lalthianghlimi Internet Star Best Content Writer Of The Year
Arvind Chhikara Star Performer Best Performer In Finance
Kawaldeep Singh Sales Superstar Best Sales Performer Of The Year
Krishn Chauhan Recruiting Champion Best Recruiter Of The Year
Yatindra Kumar Sinha Tech Superstar Best Performer In Technology & Software Development
Seema Joshi Star Accelerator Business Growth Accelerator
Mandeep Singh Rising Star Best Debut Performer
Jasmeet Singh Innovative Star For Thinking Outside The Box
EPG Team Dream Team For outstanding efforts & contribution towards technology & software development
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Once the main event ended, the real party began. With a plethora of scrumptious Indian delicacies, an open bar, a DJ and a huge dance floor, the atmosphere was euphoric. We all danced the night away.

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From hanging out with work friends to making new ones, educating speeches, entertaining activities, good food, and good music, we can confirm that the Annual Meet 2022 was an eventful and unforgettable experience for everyone at AKAL.

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International Women’s Day Celebration at AKAL

AKAL celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, recognizing gender equality and the champions at work and beyond that. This day is observed to celebrate women’s cultural, economic, social, and political accomplishments across the world. 

AKAL has always emphasized giving equal opportunities to men and women in the workplace. And to commemorate this special occasion, AKAL organized one of the best events to cheer and celebrate every woman employee in the office. The celebration was organized at AKAL’s conference room, where the theme was “Gender Equality for a sustainable tomorrow.” 

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Akal Discusses 8 Effective Steps To Enhance The Productivity Of The Employees

Promoting Healthy Work Culture at AKAL

Interactive & Fun-Filled Session held on “How to increase Employee Productivity”

As a part of Akal’s regular practices to ensure “Employee Engagement & Satisfaction”, we recently conducted an interactive session with the new joiners of Akal’s family. The session was held on 18th February, in which new members from multiple departments of the organization came together for an open discussion. This session aimed to discuss how we can maintain Akal Infosys as a productive, fun, and comfortable workplace for it’s employees. 

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AKAL’s Fight Against Omicron

Even as the year is coming to an end, our hopes of stepping into the new year with minimal mentions of the coronavirus are, once again, put to a halt due to the outbreak of yet another COVID-19 variant, the Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529).

First detected on November 11, 2021, in Botswana, the Omicron Variant has now reached 38 countries. Due to the possibility of it’s higher transmissibility and as it is less likely to respond to vaccines or treatments, the WHO has classified Omicron as a “Variant of Concern.”

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Diwali Celebration at AKAL

Today (the 03rd of October 2021), we at AKAL, had the most splendid time celebrating the Festival of Lights, Diwali. This occasion is especially dear to us because it’s the first time after the pandemic that we all were able to come together as Akal family and participate in this joyous occasion.

Donning colourful ethnic attires with matching face masks, each member of every department was truly a sight for sore eyes especially after a year and a half of being in quarantine mode. We were all ecstatic to be able to dress to our finest and we believe we delivered.

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Ice Breaker Session with New Joiners at Akal

We, at AKAL, had one of the most interactive and fun-filled icebreaker sessions as we welcomed the new members to our AKAL family. As a part of regular employee engagement activities, the session, held on 20th October this time was joined by members of different teams from different departments of the organization.

The aim of this engagement activity is (and always has been) to make the new joiners feel comfortable with each other so that they open, get accustomed to the new work environment, get motivated towards their job responsibilities, and imbibe a sense of one whole unit as Akal family.

The session commenced with everyone introducing themselves and describing their fellow teammates, who were all present in the session, in the funniest way possible. This resulted in a lot of laughter, as everyone mingled and engaged in conversations with each other.

One of our very own HR, Harleen Kaur, then hosted a quiz on Akal Infosys. It proved to be a very interactive way to inform everyone from different departments about how the company and employees operate here. The idea was to familiarize everyone with the work culture of the organization.

Interactive Quiz was followed by a team-building game where one member had to write a word (which could be from any category – place, animal, thing, fruit) on another member’s back using a pen, which he/she would then have to guess and write on the board.

The session was also joined by one of the senior members, Mr. Aditya Chibber, Corporate Head, who gave the newbies an insight into Akal’s mission and vision, he shared his own experience at Akal and encouraged everyone to work as a team towards the common goal of the organization.

Overall, it was a very productive session, especially as it helped introverts in the room to break out of their shells and become enthusiastic participants.

We, at AKAL, believe in the importance of making the workplace an employee-friendly environment. We want all our employees to feel at home and treat the company as their own.

To all the new joiners, we welcome you and hope that you have the most wonderful and mutually rewarding stay with us and that too, for a long time.

AKAL’s Campus Recruitment Drive 2021

AKAL’s Recruitment Team has just concluded its Campus Recruitment Drive for the year 2021, it was held from 20th July to 12th August 2021 and was a massive success.

Following the protocol for COVID-19, the drive was held virtually this time and was joined by over 400 students from 10 different institutes of Delhi/NCR. Participating candidates, who fought tooth and nail to fill in the vacant positions of Junior Software Developers and Junior HR Recruiters, engaged themselves with keen interest and enthusiasm. Even though it was a tough competition, selected candidates were able to clear the three stages of the selection process, which comprised of:

  • Online Test: To evaluate the IQ level of the candidates.
  • Domain Interview: To check the understanding of respective domains/fields.
  • Final HR Round: To know about personality, strengths & weaknesses of shortlisted candidates and ensuring right fit for the job vacancies.

“I think the competition was really tough because we all desperately wanted to be selected for the job profile offered. I am so happy and fortunate to have been selected for a Junior Software Developer position, that too with a prestigious organization like Akal Infosys Ltd. I was quite worried about my career path because finding employment is difficult, especially after the coronavirus outbreak. I can’t thank AKAL enough for hosting this life-changing campus recruitment drive for us. I start this new chapter of my career,” commented Ms Akriti Valvi, a participant and one of the selected candidates.

At AKAL, we believe in encouraging young talent and giving them the best career building opportunities and in order to do so, we ensure that Campus Recruitment Drives are a significant part of our overall recruitment activities.

Taking into consideration the massive shift in the job market caused by the pandemic, we do believe that our Campus Recruitment Drives will help many jobseekers find employment and motivate newly graduated students. We believe that our recruitment drives will give hope to students whose aspirations and optimisms are dimmed during these challenging times.

We thank all the students who participated in the drive with great enthusiasm. We would also like to thank all the placement coordinators of respective institutes for their efforts to ensure this drive is a success.

To all the selected candidates, welcome aboard! We hope you have a rewarding stay and successful career with us here at AKAL.

Celebration of 75th Independence Day at Akal Information System Private Limited

The AKAL family had the most wonderful Independence Day celebration to keep the spirit of our Nation Heros alive.
We had a memorable day, spreading laughter and happiness at the office.

Wearing ethnic attires, each department cabin was adorned with tri-color decors, stunningly decorated by the team members. With a fun photo session and flavorsome evening snacks, it was a day well-spent.

Let us remember the trials and tribulations that our brave freedom fighters had to go through for us to have this freedom that we continue to enjoy and cherish each day.

We hope this 75th Independence Day gives you good health and prosperity during these trying times.

Akal’s new office inaugurated

We, at Akal, are truly proud to announce the inauguration of our new office space, today on 2nd April, 2021. The inauguration ceremony was attended by members of the AKAL family as well as our near and dear ones. Inaugurated by the ‘father figure of the AKAL family’ Mr Ajit Singh, the marking of this new milestone commenced with an Ardaas Puja, followed by some light refreshments. This was done with utmost care, following the social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols.

We, at AKAL, are truly proud of this momentous milestone and glad that we get to share it with you. Staying true to following our vision – To enhance Human Capital value by providing technology support and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations – we have made great progress in every step we take and hope to continue to do so.

The steady growth and progress that AKAL continues to experience have prompted for a new office space. Today, as we enter yet another worthwhile chapter in our lives, we want to thank God and everyone who continues to pave the way for AKAL to thrive.

Holi Celebration at AKAL

On 26th of March, 2020, we, at AKAL, had a wonderful time celebrating the festival of Holi at our office. Practicing the protocol of social distancing and other preventive measures for COVID-19, we celebrated the festival of colours by putting our colored hand prints on chart papers as well as on each other, which was then followed by the traditional putting of holi tikka on the foreheads of each other.

The Festival of Colours “Holi” has always been one of our favourite festivities here at AKAL. We always try to do something special each year. This time understanding the importance of strict COVID-19 measures, we thought we’d do something low-key yet memorable. Hence, came the idea of putting our handprints on paper charts and on each other while strictly following the safety protocols.

The purpose of putting handprints on walls was to let every employee leave his/her mark and celebrate his/her being part of the Akal family and the amazing experience.

We are glad that even amidst the dark clouds of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to come together and celebrate Holi in the safest way possible.

We urge you all to stay safe this Holi and follow all the precautionary measures as you celebrate this joyous occasion with your loved ones.

We, at Akal, hope that this Holi brings not only colours to your life, but also good health & prosperity to you and your loved ones during these trying times.

Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKAL