Reducing IT spending is key to global competitiveness. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) enables you to dramatically reduce IT expenditures and gain faster, more flexible service.
We combine our leading technological expertise with deep industry knowledge to offer comprehensive IT management services.

Our ITIL-compliant Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services enable organizations to remotely manage and monitor their IT infrastructure, including servers, operating systems, network devices, databases, and applications. We leverage our dynamic infrastructure management framework-and our ISO 20000 (Operations) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) certified delivery centres to help companies reduce TCO, mitigate risks, and -increase productivity.
We take complete responsibility of maintaining your IT Infrastructure with our Structured & Certified RIMS team.

  • Monitor your mission critical servers & network’s availability, round the clock
  • Manage your IT infrastructure with today’s need & tomorrow’s readiness
  • Support configuring your network and security appliances
  • Maintain Up-to-date OS Patches, Anti Virus definition and lot more

Remote Infrastructure Management Packages

Managed User Experience

Ensuring customer satisfaction by measuring performance criteria from the end user perspective

Managed Desktop

Comprehensive approach to manage, Configure, Secure and minimize risk to all the computers/ laptops/ other Devices within an organization.

Managed Network

Meeting Your Network Demands, provide high availability, performance and efficiency to the network

Managed Server

Full spectrum of options, from standardized, horizontally scalable systems to more tailored, managed server architectures.

Managed Storage

Securely Protect, Store & Manage Your Data With a Trusted Partner.

Managed Backup

Reduce Risk & Minimize Downtime with Managed Backup. Safeguard your critical business data and minimise the possibility of data loss.

Managed Security

Providing Superior, Monitored & Managed Security Services to Your Expanding Network Perimeter 24x7.

Managed Virtualization

Deploy a virtualized solution for today knowing you can scale out as your business grows & Runs 24/7.