A 3 Sided Staffing Platform

Each stakeholder receives unique benefits with our one of a kind technology model

Work Seekers

Gets assistance of recruiters to get jobs at their doorstep

Do not need to be tech savvy to be able to register on the portal

Able to avail flexible job opportunities that can help them maintain work-life balance


Do not have to look for customers for business

Split fee model enables regular recurring income

Easy app to monitor their day to day earning

Work Givers

Do not need to buy database of candidates, gets a free pool of candidate database matched to his needs.

Does not need a team for running payrolls or legal compliances of the selected candidates

Staffing can be done on demand, on the click of a button, without any employment obligations

Powerful Technology Tools at the core of our Staffing Platform

Evolving the Staffing Industry Using Innovative Technology Solutions

Work Seeker Database and ATS

Demand & Supply Management

Recruiter Database

Recruitment Process Automation

Payroll Processing, Compliances & Benefits

Employee onboarding & Process Management

KYC & Identity Verification

Rating Engine

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